At Tora Bora Media with our sister company based in London FilmFxZone, we employ visual effects to expand our narrative possibilities.

VFX allow us to take audiences to places they could never otherwise go, to visualize ideas in ways they never dreamed of, or maybe just to make them laugh, depending on the project.

No matter the genre or subject matter, TBM and FilmFxZone visual effects team combines state-of-the-art technology with good old fashioned imagination to achieve visuals as mind-blowing as our writers and directors can dream.

VFX & Animations

VFX & Animations

Storyboards, Previsualization, Compositing, Motion Retouching, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation

Long before post-production, long before shooting even starts, we bring in our visual effects team to consult with key creative personnel on the best methods for achieving our desired results.

Whether it’s through a computer or a practical solution, each visual effect is carefully planned, tested, choreographed, and perfected with the project’s director, creative director, and cinematographer.

Visual effects like digital matte paintings, set extensions, digital crowds, and computer-generated characters enhance the reality unbeknownst to the viewer.

Other visual effects such as rotoscoping and 3D animation can expose the viewer to a new world, juxtaposing live action with fantasy.

Our visual effects artists push the limits of what is possible creatively and technically with software like 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Inferno, Flame, and After Effects.

No matter the tool, our VFX team’s mission is to help create the most convincing and compelling story possible.

TBM and FilmFxZone creates Visual Effects for the following types of projects:

TV Commercials, Music Videos, Independent Films, Corporate Videos, Brand Videos, Pitch Videos, Promotional Videos, Title Sequences, Graphics Packages, Broadcast Promos, Movie Trailers, Web Commercials

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Tora Bora Media has worked with major award wining productions from  United Kingdom &Germany to Sweden & France.  
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Tora Bora Media Production Services is The Afghanistan’s leading dedicated Production Service Company. Jawed Taiman, leads our multi language team with over 8 years’ experience providing cost effective production for commercials, features, TV, Sound and photography.  

Tora Bora Media has worked with major award wining productions from  United Kingdom &Germany to Sweden & France. Our last feature film production from Germany was officially selected at the Berlinale Film Festival.      Read More